Monday, 16 April 2012

Youth Centre School Holidays

King Island School Holiday Program went off with a splash! The movie and pizza night show casing Soul Surfer prepared those game enough to enter the water for our surf sessions. Thanks to all those who came along and participated in the activities offered. All those were in agreeance that the water wasn't THAT cold after all and there is definately some talented youth surfers on the island.

Don't forget this upcoming Saturday 21st April KIng Island Festival in the Skate Park, in celebration of youth week 2012. Come and Get involved


  1. Hey, it looks like it's been cloudy, no? I think it is a bit early to go surfing,but when you made it, cool!
    How many degrees was it there?

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  2. This type of activities are healthy for youth. Let update us if this type of activities will be held in 2013.

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